Transform Your Space with Marble Wallpaper: A Stylish Solution for Old Furniture Makeovers!

Transform Your Space with Marble Wallpaper: A Stylish Solution for Old Furniture Makeovers!

Welcome to our product review ⁢blog post ‌featuring the “Marble ‍Wallpaper​ Granite​ Paper for Old Furniture Self Adhesive and Removable Cover Surfaces 17.71 inch x 78inch Marble Paper Peel and Stick Easy to‍ Apply.”​ We have had ⁢the pleasure of using this product firsthand and are excited to share our experience with you. From its multi-usage capabilities to its​ ease⁣ of application, we’ll ⁢dive into all the details you ‌need⁣ to know. So, if you’re⁤ looking to freshen up your space or give your old furniture ​a stylish makeover, stay tuned⁣ for our in-depth​ review of this marble wallpaper.

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Overview of the Marble ‌Wallpaper Granite ‍Paper

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Looking​ to give your old furniture a ​fresh and elegant look? The Marble Wallpaper Granite ‌Paper is the perfect solution. With its self-adhesive and ​removable design, it allows you to effortlessly cover any size ‍cabinets, smooth countertops, dressers, bookcases,⁤ and even‍ walls.

The⁢ easy‍ measure and cropped feature of this marble⁤ paper make it a breeze to apply, ensuring⁣ a perfect decoration⁢ every ⁢time. Measuring 17.71 inches wide and 78 inches long, it provides ample coverage for your furniture makeover project. ⁤The‌ measure-and-cut grid printed​ on the backing ​paper makes it ⁢easy to achieve​ precise cuts. Plus, the carefully designed edges allow for seamless ⁤pattern matching ⁢when using multiple⁣ rolls.

Not only does this Marble Effect Paper offer aesthetic appeal, but it ‍also‌ provides a cost-effective ​way ‌to transform your space without‌ breaking the bank. Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, or office, this smooth​ and easy-to-clean surface will​ give any item‌ a fresh, attractive look.

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Highlighting the Self-Adhesive and Removable Feature

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One of the ​standout ⁤features of this Marble ⁢Wallpaper Granite Paper ⁣is its self-adhesive and removable⁢ nature. We understand the importance of ⁢being able to easily ⁣apply‌ and remove wallpaper, especially when it ⁣comes to furniture and surfaces. With this product, you can effortlessly peel off the ‍adhesive liner and stick it to any dry,​ flat surface. No need for messy glue or complicated ​installation processes. And when you want ⁣to make a change or remove the wallpaper, it can be easily peeled ⁤off without ​leaving any​ residue behind. ⁣This⁢ makes it⁤ perfect for those who like to switch up their decor frequently or⁢ for‍ those who are‌ renting and don’t want to damage the walls or furniture.

But don’t think that‌ the self-adhesive feature compromises the quality of the wallpaper. The PVC material used in this product ensures ‌a smooth surface that is both durable and easy⁤ to clean. It⁣ will withstand the test of time and look as good as new with a simple ‌wipe-down. Additionally, ⁤the edges of the wallpaper are carefully designed to allow for seamless pattern matches even when using multiple rolls. No more frustration with mismatched patterns or uneven seams. To avoid any slight color variation between ⁣batches,​ we recommend​ purchasing⁢ enough products at once. And please note ⁢that there may be a ⁢slight color difference due to ⁣different‍ monitors ​and lighting, so keep ​that in mind when making your ⁣selection. ⁣

If ​you’re looking to freshen up your space without breaking the bank, this Marble Effect Paper ​is‍ the perfect solution. It‍ provides an⁢ attractive look for any item, whether it’s​ old furniture, cabinets, countertops, or even walls. With its easy measure and cropped⁢ design, applying the ‌perfect decoration is a breeze. Measuring about ‍17.71 inches wide by 78 inches long, it can cover a variety of‍ surfaces⁢ with ease.⁤ And with the measure-and-cut grid on⁤ the backing paper,⁢ you can easily customize the ​size ‌to fit‌ your specific needs. Whether you’re updating your ⁤kitchen, bathroom, or home office, this ⁣Marble Effect Paper will give your ​space a fresh ‌new look. So why wait? Enhance your‌ decor today by ‍clicking here⁤ to purchase: [Call to Action link].

Insights on ⁣the Easy ⁣Application and Removability

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Insights on the Easy Application and ⁣Removability:

When it comes to applying the Marble Wallpaper Granite Paper, we were pleasantly surprised ⁢by⁣ how⁤ easy ⁤it was to use. ⁢The self-adhesive feature allowed us⁢ to‌ simply peel off⁢ the backing ‍paper and stick it⁣ onto any smooth, dry surface. No extra⁣ glue or adhesive was needed, making the application⁣ process quick and hassle-free. ‍We especially appreciated the PVC material, which gave the‌ wallpaper a smooth surface that was easy to clean.

Another great feature of this product is its removability. If you decide to change the look of ⁤your furniture or walls, you can⁣ easily​ peel off the ⁢wallpaper without leaving any‍ residue or damage. This ​means you can experiment‍ with different styles and ‌designs ‌without the fear of commitment. Just ⁢make sure to preheat‍ the surface with a hair dryer before removing to enhance the stickiness.

To make the application ​even⁣ easier, the ⁣Marble Effect ⁤Paper comes with a measure-and-cut grid on the backing paper. This allows for⁤ precise measurements ‌and cuts, ensuring a perfect fit ⁢for any item. The width ⁤of the⁢ paper, measuring approximately 17.71 inches, was ⁤suitable for ‍a variety of⁣ surfaces and‌ made the decoration ‍process seamless.

In addition, the carefully⁣ designed​ edges of the‌ wallpaper allow for ‌seamless pattern matches when using multiple⁢ rolls. However, it’s recommended to buy​ enough products at once to avoid slight color differences between different batches. Please also keep in ‌mind that there may be a slight color difference between what you see ​on the screen⁢ and the actual product due⁣ to monitor and⁢ lighting ‍variations.

Overall,⁢ if you’re looking to freshen up your space ⁢without breaking the bank, the Marble Wallpaper⁤ Granite Paper is a great choice. Its versatility allows it ‌to be used on cabinets, countertops, notebooks, dresser drawers, ⁣and even‌ walls. Whether it’s for your kitchen, bathroom, or office, this Marble Effect Paper is sure⁣ to provide an attractive look and a quick and easy renovation solution. ⁣So why wait? Transform your⁣ space today by getting your own⁣ Marble Wallpaper Granite ‌Paper!

Specific Recommendations for the ⁢Marble Paper Peel and Stick

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  1. Use a hair dryer for better adhesion: To enhance the stickiness of the Marble Effect Paper, we recommend using ⁤a hair dryer to preheat the⁤ surface before ‌pasting. This will ensure a secure and long-lasting bond between ‌the paper and the surface.

  2. Buy enough⁢ products at one time: ⁤The edges of the marble ⁣rolls are carefully designed to⁢ allow for seamless pattern ⁢matching. However, to avoid ‌any slight color differences between ‌different batches, we recommend purchasing ‍enough rolls at one time for⁣ your entire project.​ This will ensure ​consistency in color ​and pattern throughout.

  3. Take advantage ​of ⁤the easy measure and cut grid:‌ The Marble Effect Paper comes with a ⁤measure-and-cut grid on ‍the backing paper, making ⁢it easy⁢ to ‍get the perfect size for ‍your project. Simply measure, cut, and apply – it’s that simple! Whether you’re covering cabinets, countertops, or even walls, this feature ⁣will save you time and‍ ensure a precise fit.

  4. Consider using it to freshen up your space: Whether you’re looking ⁢to update⁤ your kitchen, bathroom, or office, this Marble Effect Paper⁣ is a cost-effective solution. By simply ⁣applying it to old furniture or surfaces, you can give them a fresh and modern look without breaking the bank. Plus,⁣ the smooth surface is easy to clean, making it perfect for⁢ high-traffic areas.

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Customer‌ Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Here are ​some customer reviews for the⁤ “Marble Wallpaper ⁣Granite Paper for Old⁢ Furniture Self Adhesive and Removable ⁢Cover⁣ Surfaces 17.71 inch⁢ x 78inch Marble Paper Peel and Stick Easy to⁣ Apply”.

Review Rating
I purchased ⁤this‍ for the sit to⁣ stand desk that I recently got to dress it‍ up a bit and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!⁤ The ⁤contact paper is thick and great quality. It does not easily tear and easy to install! Adhesion is amazing! ‍Easy‍ peel yet, would ​stick again with no ​problem! Glossy ⁢finish and seamless look! 5 stars
Put this over my‌ bathroom counter and it ​looks great but now ⁢the ⁢toilet, sink, ⁣and tub​ now ‌look dull in comparison. Didn’t realize ⁢how off white everything ⁢was in my bathroom. So beware⁤ of ‌color lol Still giving it 5 stars as it‍ was‌ easy to apply by​ myself and it looks ⁤nice. 5 stars
Bought this to‌ jazz up my daughter’s remote ‌learning desk (an⁢ old child’s craft⁣ table). The vinyl was easy ⁢enough to apply⁢ but definitely required two people to make for easier application. It was hard to line up the vinyl side by side ‍without overlap to ​cover ⁣the large area. TIP: use a hair⁤ dryer to stretch it over the corners or curved areas to get it to stick better. Since the table was a hand-me-down, there were areas on the sides⁤ where the table was already chipped‌ and the vinyl bubbled in that area and ended up ripping. The vinyl also started ‍to​ come up and tear where‍ my daughter continually pushes​ her laptop back and⁢ forth. Lasted ⁢less than 4 months before my daughter ruined it, but⁣ was probably because‌ the table was not smooth to start with. Not sure how to ⁢improve the adhesion of where vinyl⁢ was stuck side by side. Probably not the best ⁣for areas that are intended for frequent use. That said, love ‍the look and would buy again. 4 stars
Good material, marble⁢ look, and easy to install. 5 stars
I bought the 24×118 to cover the melamine top ​of a new⁤ desk. My overall rating is based a lot on ⁤the ‍description of the product saying it was for kitchen countertops⁤ (i.e. would⁣ need to be durable‍ for such ‌a use). This is a beautiful white ​marble look (the streaks aren’t perfectly gray which I like, it‍ probably makes it look more ⁣realistic/dimensional but just FYI). I’m fairly particular and the look is acceptably realistic for me. It is glossy and looks​ real from a slight distance. It does appear to be waterproof (or water-resistant,⁢ I dripped water on it today and it pooled up but I ‍cleaned it⁣ right up). I ‌installed it two days ago‌ and it hasn’t changed much (so not coming up but also ⁣not looking better). It did ‌NOT want to go over‍ the edges. I suspect⁢ over ​time it’s⁣ going to start pulling off the ⁢edges. It especially didn’t want to go around the curved corner of the⁣ desk ‌(it’s an L-shaped⁤ desk so​ the corner is a ​smooth curve, not 90-degree angle). Luckily I can’t see the mess it made and it’s a home office so no one else is seeing‌ it, either. ​The big issues for ⁤me are I could not get all the bubbles out, with a plastic smoothing​ tool or⁢ my hands. I got a⁤ rip as I was installing it so not as⁢ durable as I’d expect. As I was attaching my⁤ sit/stand⁢ desk adapter today, it ripped when the keyboard shelf​ came down in the wrong place⁤ and scraped along it. This ​was not anything particularly rough (it was similar‍ to placing a heavy‍ appliance with a plastic or rubberized edge‌ on it and pulling⁢ it off like would happen ⁣in a kitchen, hence ‍my rating based on the description). On the plus​ side, it didn’t appear to⁣ leave a residue since I ‌did have to pull it up to try and realign it. That’s another con-not as ⁣easy to install as they ‍claim (not⁢ the hardest but it didn’t want ‍to give up⁣ its curl on⁣ the edges no matter what I ⁤tried to do and that ‍really complicated ​installation). This product would be fantastic for some ⁣uses‍ but I won’t ⁣give it five stars based ‍on how they⁤ describe it. I absolutely would ‍not recommend it if ‌you’re dealing with a curved surface. Maybe if I had ​taken more time or had a helper I could have⁤ gotten it ⁢smoothly ⁢over the ‌squared edges ⁣of the desk ‍but it wasn’t going over a curve ​without being cut (which you would then ⁢see). I can’t speak to ‌the long-term durability, yet so there’s still another issue I’m ⁣hoping doesn’t make me regret this purchase. 3⁢ stars
I applied this over tile⁣ on my fireplace 5 years ago. I didn’t do such a‌ hot job since I’m not good at applying⁢ these. I finally got tired​ of looking at the poor job I did and ⁢decided to pull ⁣it off tonight.​ I did and it came⁢ off easier than I thought it would! That was exciting ‍lol. ‌Better than ⁣that was that the tiles underneath were not sticky at all! I was​ so glad that it‍ went so ⁣well that​ while I was removing⁣ it, ‌I thought⁣ “I should post ‌a review when I’m done.” So there it is. 🙂 No stickiness, residue, or discoloration on my tiles. The‍ adhesive is pretty strong, it took some serious pulling to remove. The contact paper itself didn’t ⁣yellow or tear in the 5 years and was easy to wipe clean. (We ⁢do not light or use the fireplace) 5 ‌stars
It’s really good-looking and lightens up the room. I used ​it for 10 months and removed it today, ​came out ‌easily, and left no mark of adhesive‍ at all. Very happy with ‌the finishing and was so‌ easy‌ to install ⁤and remove. Great option for renters! 5 stars
Good product, nice color. 4 stars
The quality⁤ is ⁤bad.. worse than normal paper.. and I just learned that‌ this is a non-returnable item⁣ which is ⁤terrible. 2 stars
Didn’t stick ⁣well, it was also not wide enough ⁢for most kitchen ‍countertops. You can get better stuff cheaper at B&Q I’ve found. 2 stars
This is very easy to work with,‍ it covered ⁢very well and sticks ‍well, looks ‍gorgeous and clean. I was ⁣all ready‍ for‌ installation I‍ had ​a ‍needle on ⁢hand ready to pop any air pockets, but I didn’t have any air pockets, cause I pulled the backing off⁢ very slowly,​ smoothing it down with a ⁢ruler as I pulled, so it went⁢ on perfect the first time. ⁢I did all⁢ my kitchen shelves with this. ‌The only thing‌ I didn’t like is that it feels a big greasy on the shiny side. You ‌just need to wipe ‍it with⁣ a dry cloth first. 4 stars

Based ⁤on the customer reviews, the majority of customers were satisfied​ with the quality and appearance of the marble wallpaper. They found it easy to install and remove, and appreciated the glossy finish and⁢ realistic look.​ Customers also mentioned that⁤ the ⁣adhesive⁣ was strong and durable in​ some cases, lasting for⁢ several years ⁤without leaving a residue or discoloration.

However, there were some issues raised by customers. Some experienced​ difficulties⁤ in​ applying the wallpaper smoothly, especially on curved surfaces. The ⁣wallpaper also showed signs of tearing ‌or bubbling in high-use areas, such as where laptops​ were placed. A few customers also ‌mentioned that the wallpaper did not adhere well or was not wide enough for larger surfaces like kitchen countertops.

Overall, while the marble wallpaper received mostly positive reviews, potential buyers should consider the limitations of the product,⁤ especially ‍when⁢ dealing with curved surfaces or areas of frequent use.

Pros & Cons

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1. Easy​ to apply Applying the marble wallpaper is a ​breeze ⁢with⁤ its self-adhesive⁢ feature. It sticks to‍ any​ dry, flat surface effortlessly, making the installation process quick and ‍convenient.
2. Removable When you want to change up your furniture ⁤or decor, simply⁣ peel off ⁤the wallpaper without leaving any residue or ⁤damage. It allows for flexibility in design and prevents any long-term commitment.
3. Versatile With‌ its multi-usage capabilities, this ‌marble wallpaper can ⁣be used⁣ to‍ cover cabinets, countertops, ‌notebooks, drawers, nightstands, bookcases, shelves, doors, and even walls. Its‍ versatility makes ⁤it a great choice for various DIY‌ projects.
4. Attractive and economical Give your old ⁢furniture a stunning ⁢makeover without ⁤breaking the bank. ‍The⁣ marble effect adds a ⁢touch of elegance and sophistication ⁤to ​your space, making it look fresh and updated without the need ⁣for expensive‍ replacements.
5. Easy to clean The smooth surface of the marble wallpaper makes it‍ effortless to ⁤wipe⁤ clean. This ⁢is especially beneficial for⁢ high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms where spills and stains are common.


1. Slight color variation Due to different monitors and lighting conditions, there may ‌be a slight color ⁤difference between the product seen by the naked eye and⁣ the screen. It is advisable to purchase enough rolls at⁤ once to avoid⁤ any noticeable variations when using multiple ⁢rolls.
2. Pattern ⁤mismatches While the edges of ‍the marble ​wallpaper are designed to match seamlessly, there may still be instances of pattern mismatches when using multiple rolls.⁣ Careful alignment and planning are necessary to minimize any inconsistencies.
3.​ Preheating for enhanced stickiness In order to enhance the stickiness during application, it ⁤is ‌recommended to preheat⁤ the wallpaper with a hair dryer.‍ This additional step may be ​time-consuming for larger projects or individuals​ with limited resources.

We hope ⁤you found this review of the Marble Wallpaper Granite Paper ⁢helpful! It’s a fantastic solution for transforming your old furniture into ⁣stylish‌ pieces without the hefty price ⁤tag. The easy ⁣application, versatility, and easy cleaning‍ make ​it a‍ great choice for various⁢ DIY projects and applications.

However, keep ⁤in⁤ mind the potential slight color variation and ⁤pattern mismatches. ⁣Plan‌ accordingly and purchase enough rolls to ensure⁣ a consistent look. Don’t⁢ forget to preheat‌ the⁣ wallpaper for​ better adhesion if needed.

If you ​have any‍ further questions or want​ to share your experience ⁢with this Marble Wallpaper Granite‌ Paper, feel free​ to reach ⁣out to us. We’re ‌here to assist you!


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Q: Can this marble wallpaper be used ‌on any type of surface?

A: ‍Yes,​ this ⁢marble wallpaper is suitable for covering any size cabinets, ‌smooth countertops, notebooks, dresser drawers, handicrafts, nightstands, ‌bookcases, shelves, doors, and even walls. Its versatility ​allows⁣ you to transform various surfaces ‍effortlessly.

Q: How easy is it to apply this marble wallpaper?

A: Applying ​this marble wallpaper⁢ is a breeze! With its easy measure and‌ cropped design, ‍the width⁤ of one roll is ⁤17.71 inches, making it convenient for anyone to apply and achieve the ⁢perfect decoration. The measure-and-cut grid on the backing paper also helps to make the⁣ cutting and application process⁢ simple.

Q: Can I use multiple rolls of this marble wallpaper without worrying about pattern mismatches?

A: Absolutely! The​ edges of this marble wallpaper are carefully⁢ designed to ensure that‍ you can⁣ use ⁢multiple rolls seamlessly,​ without the frustrating experience of ⁢pattern mismatches. Just make sure to buy enough ⁢products at⁣ one time ​to avoid any slight color difference between different batches.

Q: Will the color of the marble wallpaper match what I ​see on ‍my⁤ screen?

A: While we do‍ our best to accurately represent‌ the color of the marble​ wallpaper, please understand that there may be a slight color difference between⁣ what ‌you see on⁤ your ‍screen and the actual product due to different monitors and lighting conditions. ⁢If you ⁣have any questions or concerns ⁢about the ⁣color, please feel free to let us know.

Q: ​Can ⁤this marble wallpaper⁢ be removed easily without causing damage?

A: Yes, this marble wallpaper is self-adhesive ⁢and removable. ⁣Simply peel off the adhesive liner and stick it to any⁢ dry,⁣ flat ‍surface. If you need to ‌remove it, ⁢it can be done without ​causing any damage. The smooth ⁣surface is also easy to clean, providing a hassle-free‍ experience.

Q: Is this marble wallpaper​ suitable‍ for use in kitchens and bathrooms?

A: ‌Absolutely! This ‌marble wallpaper⁤ is ⁣perfect for freshening up your‌ kitchen or bathroom.‍ It​ provides an attractive ⁤look for any ⁣item ⁢and is ⁢a cost-effective way to renovate⁤ old ‌furniture without ‌investing a lot ⁢of money. Its durability ‍and easy-to-clean surface make it ideal for both home and office applications.

Experience the Difference

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In​ conclusion, the‌ Marble Wallpaper Granite Paper ⁣is the ultimate solution for transforming your space ​and giving your old furniture a stylish​ makeover. With its self-adhesive and removable design, you can easily cover any size⁢ cabinets, countertops, dresser drawers, ‌and even walls.

Measuring at 17.71 inches wide and 78⁢ inches long, this marble effect paper⁢ is incredibly easy ‌to apply and allows for seamless pattern matching.⁣ And ‌don’t worry ‌about slight color differences‍ between⁤ batches, simply make sure to purchase enough ⁤rolls at once to ⁤avoid any discrepancies.

Not only does this ‍Marble​ Effect Paper freshen up your space, ​but it also provides an attractive look to⁣ any item while remaining budget-friendly. Its smooth​ surface ⁣is easy to clean, making ⁤it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, ⁢and even office applications.

Take advantage of the⁣ self-adhesive feature by simply peeling⁤ off the backing paper and sticking it to⁣ any dry,⁣ flat surface. Enhance the ‌adhesive’s stickiness by preheating with a hair dryer beforehand.

So, why wait any longer? Give‍ your ⁤furniture a much-needed ⁣facelift⁢ and⁤ transform your space with ‍the Marble Wallpaper Granite Paper. Click here to ‌grab your own roll and ‌start your stylish makeover today!

Transform Your Space with Marble Wallpaper: A Stylish Solution for Old Furniture Makeovers!

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