Sleep in Style with Edomi’s Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows – The Perfect Neck Support for Back and Side Sleepers!

Sleep in Style with Edomi’s Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows – The Perfect Neck Support for Back and Side Sleepers!

If⁤ you’re in ‌search of the perfect pillow that offers both support and‌ comfort, then ‍look no further ⁢than the Edomi Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows for Sleeping. We recently had the pleasure of trying out‌ these cooling pillows, and⁣ let​ us tell you, they did not ⁢disappoint. With adjustable buckwheat hulls filled with a⁢ pillow cover that provides neck ​support for back and​ side sleepers, these pillows are a game-changer.

Measuring at 20×11 inches,⁣ the small cooling pillow is ideal for⁤ providing maximum comfort in any ‌sleeping position. Whether you ⁤prefer a soft or firm bolster pillow, you have the freedom to ​take out or take in as​ much buckwheat shell filling as‍ you desire.‌ Not ⁣only do these⁢ pillows offer​ lumbar support while working at your desk, but they also support the neck, shoulders, back, and head at ⁢home.

The care ‍instructions for these pillows are simple – remove the buckwheat shells, wash the pillow outer cover and washable zipper fabric case, and then put the buckwheat back in‌ for a fresh feel. Plus, with ​a 100 Nights Free Trial and easy returns, there’s no reason not to give these pillows a ‌try.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a cooler night’s sleep and ultimate ⁢comfort,⁤ the Edomi‍ Upgrade Buckwheat ​Pillows are the way to ⁢go. Trust us, your neck and your sleep will thank you.

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Our Edomi Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows for Sleeping offer a unique⁢ and customizable sleep experience. ⁢With a size of 20×11 inches⁣ and adjustable buckwheat hull filling, you can easily⁤ tailor the pillow to your preferred level of firmness. This⁤ means you ⁢can enjoy a softer or firmer cervical neck support pillow, catering to your specific comfort needs whether you’re ​a back, side, ⁤or stomach sleeper.

Not only does this cooling pillow provide essential support for your‍ neck, shoulders, and back while you sleep, but⁣ it also doubles‌ as a lumbar⁢ support⁤ pillow for when you’re working at your desk. The buckwheat hull filling contours to your neck and head, promoting better spinal alignment and ‍ensuring you wake up ​feeling refreshed. Plus, with a washable⁣ pillow cover and easy care instructions, maintaining‍ the hygiene​ and⁣ freshness of​ your pillow is a breeze. Try‌ out our Edomi Upgrade Buckwheat Pillow for 100 nights with our free trial offer – your best night’s sleep ⁣awaits! Click here to purchase: Buy ⁣Now.

Luxurious Comfort and Support

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When it comes to finding the⁣ perfect balance of luxurious comfort and reliable support, the Edomi​ Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows truly deliver. The adjustable buckwheat hulls ⁤filling allows for a personalized experience, catering to ‍your specific preferences for a softer or firmer pillow. Whether‍ you’re⁣ a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper, these pillows provide both the support needed for proper ⁤spinal alignment and​ the comfort ‍required⁣ for a restful ‌night’s sleep.

The cooling ⁤properties of these pillows enhance ⁢the overall sleeping experience, ensuring a cooler night’s⁢ rest. The⁢ premium pillowcase with tie strap⁢ contains⁣ buckwheat hulls that conform to​ the shape⁤ and weight of‌ your⁢ neck and head, ⁣providing unparalleled comfort. Additionally, ⁣the easy-care instructions make maintenance a breeze, making these pillows a practical choice ⁣for those ⁤seeking a‍ hassle-free sleep solution. If you’re in search of a pillow that combines‍ luxury, ⁣comfort,⁤ and support, look no further than the Edomi ⁢Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows – your⁣ ticket to a rejuvenating night’s sleep!⁣ Check it out here!

Cooling Technology for a Restful Sleep

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When it comes to finding the perfect pillow for a restful sleep, the Edomi Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows⁤ truly stand‍ out. The‌ cooling technology infused in these pillows ensures a cooler ⁢night’s ‍sleep,⁤ allowing ⁢you ​to relax and drift off to sweet dreams effortlessly. The buckwheat hulls filling, combined with a⁣ premium‌ pillowcase, contours ⁣to⁤ your neck and head, providing both support and comfort throughout the night.‌

The adjustable filling feature allows you to customize the​ pillow to your preferred firmness, making it ‌ideal⁢ for⁣ both back and side sleepers. Not only does this pillow ‌provide​ lumbar support while working at your​ desk, but ⁣it ⁤also​ supports the neck, shoulders, back, and head at home. With care instructions that are easy to follow, including washing the pillow outer cover and fabric​ case, maintaining your Edomi pillow is a ‌breeze. Experience the ‍difference with the Edomi Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows and⁣ enjoy a restful sleep like ⁢never before. Try it out for yourself and start ⁣sleeping better today!

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Our Verdict: A⁢ Must-Have Pillow for Sweet Dreams

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We have ‍tried many ‌pillows in our search for the perfect night’s sleep, and we can confidently say that the Edomi Upgrade Buckwheat Pillow is a game-changer. The cooling buckwheat hull ⁢filling and premium pillowcase provide the ultimate comfort and support for a restful night. The adjustable ​filling allows‍ for a customized experience, catering to individual preferences whether ‌you prefer a softer or firmer pillow.

Not only does this pillow provide support for your neck, shoulders, back, ​and head while you sleep, but it also doubles as a⁢ lumbar support pillow for use at your ⁤desk.⁣ The care instructions are simple, ensuring your‍ pillow stays fresh and clean for years to come. With ‍a 100-night free trial and⁢ easy returns,‌ there’s no reason not to try ​this pillow for yourself. Say goodbye to restless nights and ⁤hello to sweet dreams with‍ the Edomi Upgrade Buckwheat Pillow. Click here to order yours today! ⁣ Order Now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer⁣ Reviews Analysis

Customer Review
Customer 1 One⁣ night of sleeping on the new pillow started me on the road to relief from the pain and stiffness in my⁢ neck and upper spine. Buckwheat pillows⁤ are the only ones that can support the ⁤bones and‌ proper arch and ‍curves‍ of the neck.
Customer 2 I put ​cedar sachets in it, so it is a⁤ wonderful pillow to sleep on, as well as a good tablet/phone support in ​bed. Perfect size for a side sleeper.
Customer 3 Just ⁣received this pillow ⁣today and I’m so happy and satisfied. It’s⁣ so perfect that even my husband loves it. The whole family loves the ⁣pillow.
Customer 4 I expected it to be​ a⁤ standard size​ pillow for the bed. I use it to sleep, but ‍it looks odd on ⁤any size bed.
Customer 5 This travel ‌friendly buckwheat⁢ pillow gives me plenty of support whether I’m sleeping on my side or not. This ⁢is a great buy!
Customer‍ 6 The pillow‍ itself is⁢ very⁢ good, the case though is a little bit disappointing
Customer 7 I just got this, opened ⁣it ‌up and there’s A BIG RED STAIN ON THE BACK. Horrible.

Upon ⁣analyzing the ‌customer reviews ⁣for the Edomi Upgrade ​Buckwheat Pillows, we found that the majority of customers were highly satisfied with ⁣their purchase. Many customers ⁣praised⁤ the pillow⁢ for its ability⁤ to provide excellent neck support and relieve pain and stiffness in the neck and spine. The adjustable⁣ feature of the pillow, allowing‍ users to customize the amount of buckwheat hull inside, was ‌also appreciated.

Some customers mentioned that the ‌pillow was ‍the ⁤perfect size for side sleepers and provided great support for‌ both sleeping and other uses⁢ like supporting electronic devices in bed. ​The cute and soft pillow cover was also a hit among customers,⁢ with many mentioning that it made the pillow aesthetically ​pleasing.

However, a few customers mentioned ⁣some issues with the size of the pillow, expecting it to be‌ larger for standard bed use. There ‍were also⁢ mixed reviews about the⁤ pillow case, with some finding it disappointing.

One customer expressed⁢ dissatisfaction with receiving a pillow with a big red stain on the⁣ back and⁣ criticized ⁢the quality of the pillow for the price. Despite this negative review, the overall sentiment towards the Edomi Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows remains positive based⁢ on ​the majority of customer feedback.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


Adjustable filling Customize⁤ the firmness to your liking
Support for neck, shoulders, and back Perfect for all sleeping positions
Cooling pillowcase Keeps you cool throughout the night
Easy to clean Washable fabric ⁢case for convenience
100 nights free trial Try it out risk-free


  • May ‍have a slight odor initially due to​ natural buckwheat hull filling
  • Some users​ may find the pillow to be too firm

Overall, the Edomi‌ Upgrade‌ Buckwheat Pillows offer exceptional support and comfort for back⁣ and side sleepers. With its adjustable filling and cooling properties, it’s a great investment for ⁤a good night’s sleep. However, be⁤ prepared for⁢ a slight adjustment ‍period and potential‌ firmness for some users.


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Q: How do I adjust⁤ the filling of the Edomi⁣ Upgrade Buckwheat Pillow to my liking?
A: Adjusting the filling of the pillow is super easy! Simply take out or add in as much buckwheat shell ‍filling as you desire‍ to achieve the perfect level of firmness or softness. This allows you to ‍customize the⁢ pillow to suit your individual preferences for maximum comfort.

Q: Can this pillow provide support for different sleeping positions?
A: Absolutely!‌ The Edomi⁣ Upgrade Buckwheat Pillow is designed to provide support for neck, shoulders, back, ⁢and head in any sleeping position. It is perfect for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers alike. No matter how you sleep, this‍ pillow ‍will ‍provide the support you‌ need for ‍a comfortable night’s rest.

Q: How‍ do‍ I clean and care for this pillow?
A: To clean the pillow, simply remove‌ the buckwheat shells, wash the outer cover and⁤ the washable zipper fabric case. Once dry, put the buckwheat back in and your pillow will look‍ as good as new. It is recommended to spot clean the buckwheat pillow or hand wash the fabric to maintain its quality and cleanliness.

Q: What if I’m not satisfied with the pillow after purchasing?
A: Not ⁢to⁤ worry! EDOMI provides a 100 Nights Free Trial for the pillows, and returns are free and easy‍ if‍ you are unhappy with your purchase.⁢ We believe that you should have the opportunity to sleep on the pillow to decide if you like it, ⁢as it may take at least 30 nights for ​your body to adjust to ‌a new pillow. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us‍ – we are here to⁣ help!⁢

Elevate Your Lifestyle

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As we wrap up our‍ review of Edomi’s Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows, we can confidently say that these cooling, adjustable pillows are a‌ game-changer for back and side sleepers looking for the perfect neck ​support. With their customizable filling and premium pillowcase, these pillows offer both⁣ support and comfort⁢ for a restful night’s sleep.

If you’re‍ ready to ⁢upgrade your sleeping experience, why not give Edomi’s ‌Buckwheat Pillows‌ a try? With a 100-night free​ trial and⁤ easy returns, there’s no risk involved. Trust us, your neck and back ⁣will thank you!

To experience the comfort and support of Edomi’s Upgrade Buckwheat Pillows for yourself, ⁣click‍ here to make your purchase on Amazon: Buy Now

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